Hi, my Name is Christina Rodriguez and I am finally going to turn 15 years old!!! I am sooo... excited!!! I can get my learners permit this year, get a cell phone, and go to high school!!! I LOVE LEARNING!!! I  not only have dirty blond hair with highlights, but I also have green eyes! I am not a tom-boy nor a girly-girl. I can be anything ( tom-boy, or a girly-girl)  anytime I want to be. I like sports if I'm not forced to do them, but I HATE running unless its for fun. I can play basket ball, soft ball, volley ball, and bad mitten. I LOVE to camp, hike, bike, and swim.  I LOVE doing art, drawing, coloring, building, doing knowledge books that make your brain work, like analogies, cross words, word finds and much more. Singing I what I do Best, and its my favorite thing in the world! I couldn't live without music and singing. I also enjoy dancing although I don't do it as much as I use to. I am 14 turning 15 in a few days. My birthday is in July, I'm a late bloomer. I express myself great when I write. I like making up stories with my good friend Amanda. We can come up with bazaar stories together! The thing that makes me so special and quite unique is that I was born with a syndrome. Specifically Goltz-Gorlin Syndrome. This is a very rare syndrome that can affect the size of every organ in your body. It can also affect, your hair, teeth, symmetry, sight, hearing, and your nails! Beleive me I know!

This is a beautiful picture that I designed. This image reprecents my FAITH and what I believe in. JESUS is MY SALVATION!!!

This is a paper that my mother wrote when I was 5 years old. She wrote this as I myself were writing it, so don't get confused.
My name is Christina and I am 5 years old. I love to swim in the summer, camp in the spring and fall, and hike in the winter. I love to do activites and projects with paper markers, scissors, and glue. Sometimes my mom lets me use the tape. I also like to ride my bike around the block and play at the school playground. Eating is not my favorite thing. It always takes me a LONG... time. My favorite foods are chicken nuggets and shells and cheese. Sometimes I will eat a hot dog or a peanut butter polly pocket. I like salty foods like potato chipscheetos, and popcorn. And my favorite drink is water...thats all! I do not like to drink ANYTHING ELSE! I love to talk and I have alot to say about everything and anything. I have a very expressive personality. I love to be aound people. I especially enjoy playing with my friends. I like to be a leader and I am learning to be patient when others take the lead. Some of my most favorite places to go are Six Flags Fiesta Texas, the banana swing park across from Santa Rosa Hospital, and the carousal at Central Park Mall.
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